Nutritional Counseling

Every horse is different whether it’s their age, breed, gender, or discipline, which means they will need a specific diet plan developed just for them. You would not want to feed your occasional recreational trail horse the same you would a Standardbred that jogs 5 miles every day. Nor would you feed your yearling that’s out to pasture as you would your mature pleasure show horse that is in his stall most the day. Our Doctors here at KVC are able to advise you on the proper nutrition for each individual horse you own. We work closely with Kalmbach Feeds, makes of Tribute Equine Nutrition, to ensure that your horse gets the correct protein, fat, and starch ratio. We have feeds for metabolic horses, Race horses, broodmares, weanlings, horses that are prone to tying up, horses that are prone to gastric ulcers and even for those easy keepers that just need a grain to balance out their hay diet. Go to  to see what type of grain your horse should be getting.

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