Oral exams should be an essential part of an annual physical exam.  Every exam provides the opportunity to perform routine preventative dental maintenance.  Mature horses should get a dental exam at least once a year and horses 2-5 years old should be examined twice a year.  Horses with dental problems may show obvious signs such as pain or irritation or they may show no noticeable signs at all.  Here are some following indicators of dental problems: Loss of feed from mouth while eating, difficulty chewing, excessive salivation, weight loss, head tilting or tossing, fighting the bit, resisting bridling, foul odor from mouth or nostrils, nasal discharge or swelling of the face or jaw.  We can perform a dental exam and if necessary use either hand floats or a power float to address your horse’s dental problem.  We also perform extraction of caps (baby teeth) or wolf teeth (1st premolar).


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