Airway &
Video Endoscopy

Our endoscopy units allow for the image to be projected on a monitor or in the viewing lens. Our video unit allows the image to be projected and recorded to explain and diagnose specific abnormalities to the horse’s primary caregiver.


Did you know that 67% of non-racing competitive horses and 90% of racing horses have been shown to suffer from stomach ulcers?

Our newest addition here at Kessen Veterinary Clinic is an upgraded Gastroscopy Unit. Now we have even better equipment in order to evaluate your horse’s stomach for ulcers! More common than people believe, Gastric Ulcers have been shown to affect weight gain, poor attitude, poor hair coat, changes in eating, decreased performance and more.


We are proud to be one of the few equine clinics in the area offering leading treatment for athletic-related injuries. Those therapies include:

  • IRAP (Interleukin Receptor Antagonist Protein)
  • PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)
  • Stem Cells – Provided by VetGraft Tissue Bank

These therapies are constantly advancing to help decrease healing time in equine athletes & we are excited to be at the forefront of these new technologies.


We are excited to have a new wireless radiograph unit. The new SOUND X-Ray unit is cord-free and allows us to take crystal-clear digital radiographs. The new battery-powered unit allows us to take radiographs that are immediately accessible on-site while we are evaluating your horse. Let us help in diagnosing your equine athlete!

In upgrading our x-ray system – we are now able to send your radiographs whenever you need them via email. All of our radiographs are stored in our virtual cloud so your radiographs will never be lost.


Did you know that a horse’s teeth continuously erupt over the course of their lifetime? Standard dental care in your equine partner is the foundation to a successful partnership. We recommend an annual oral exam to evaluate your horse’s dental needs. We have the ability to float your horse’s teeth, extract most caps, as well as remove wolf teeth from younger patients. 


Not planning on keeping your colt a stud?

Give us a call to surgically sterilize your horse. We have capabilities to complete this procedure here at the clinic or at your farm.

Each patient that is castrated receives antibiotics, tetanus vaccine, and pain medication at the time of the procedure.

We also have capabilities here to perform Cryptorchid castrations. A procedure where at least one testicle is undescended. This is a procedure that must be performed in our surgical suite as usually we need to go into the abdomen to retrieve the descended testicle.

Lameness &Prepurchase Examinations

Kessen Veterinary Clinic takes pride in offering optimum care in making sure your equine partner is ready for the task at hand.

Dr. Jason Kessen thoroughly examines each patient he sees and works to build a line of healthy communication with you as the owner. Together, you will formulate a plan for your level of competition.

Prospective Buyer? Let us work with you in picking out your next partner. We strive to offer you a thorough examination with prompt results and direct communication as to your expectations for your next athlete.

Shock Wave

Shock Wave Therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free therapy for treating muskuloskeletal issues, soft-tissue and bone-related injuries in horses. This unit generates a high-intensity shock to a specific site that is believed to accelerate the healing process by combining an immediate analgesic effect with a reduction in inflammation. In turn, there is an increase in blood flow and the formation of new blood vessels in soft tissue structures and encourages promotion of new bone formation.

Common uses for this unit are: suspensory ligament desmitis, bucked shins, bowed tendon, and even back pain.


We use a battery-powered digital ultrasound to diagnose injuries of the tendons, suspensory ligaments, check ligaments, even joints. The digital ultrasound allows us to save images in order to better monitor your horse’s progress in treatment and healing.

We can also use the ultrasound to detect pregnancy and to monitor when the optimum time is to breed your mare.